Advertising Policy

Paradise Freebies Advertising and Promotion Policy

Listed below are the advertising and promoting guidlines for which you are bound by in order to advertise and/or promote any of the Paradise Freebies Network sites. These guidelines are also in our Terms of Service. It is YOUR responsibility to read, understand, and follow these guidelines when placing ads, creating videos, or otherwise promoting our network on ANY social media sites (FaceBook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc...), or uploading video for the purpose of promotion (YouTube, Vimeo, etc...).

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your account being placed on hold, and CAN lead to you being banned from our network sites.

  • You may not mislead prospective referrals. Deceptive advertising is prohibited. Examples of deceptive advertising include, but are not limited to, advertising our network websites as a "job" or as "employment", making unrealistic claims such as "You can make $1,000 today!", saying that you guarantee success, etc...
  • Advertisements may not imply partnership with, or endorsement by Paradise Freebies or LFK Products. Terms such as "We pay several times per day" are prohibited. You can say "Paradise Freebies pays several times per day."
  • Do not copy text from our website for use in your ads and videos. This text contains "We" and "Us" when referring to Paradise Freebies which would imply partnership.
  • You may not refer to yourself as an employee of Paradise Freebies or LFK Products.  You are an independent Referral Agent, and work for yourself using our sites.
  • You may not use the names, logos, bi-lines, slogans or banner images of ANY of our advertiser offers in your advertisements, PERIOD.
  • You may not suggest or advertise any particular offer anywhere in your promotions. Your referral must register on the sites and choose the offers that interest them without influence.
  • Never suggest in your marketing that users can return a product or cancel a service for a refund, or cancel to avoid trial periods. This is not an option and is considered FRAUD! All of our advertisers have the right to revoke credit because of, but not limited to, immediate cancellation, early termination of a product before it is delivered, use of false personal information or false credit card information, etc...
  • If you are advertising and/or instructing your referrals on ways to "get around" being charged for the offers, that is fraud and you WILL be banned.
  • In your ads and videos, there is to be absolutely no discussion about refunds or canceling offers.
  • Any advertising that is not public (e.g. private groups on Facebook) will require free unrestricted access by LFK Products to verify the context of your advertising.
  • Misleading others via deceptive advertising in any way, shape or form is prohibited. If you promise to reimburse your referrals, you must follow through.